Facebook Advertising is the hottest form of internet marketing right now. With over 500 million active users and growing, there is no end in sight of how much money can be made. Reports from Forrester Research indicate that 25% of all internet spending this year will go towards internet marketing through Facebook and other social media platforms. And, 90 percent of internet users are currently on Facebook.

For any business that wants to advertise successfully on Facebook, they must first become a member. Facebook offers a free account for new members. Once a user becomes a member, they can then go through the set up process and choose a unique display URL, which they can place their custom Facebook ads with. After doing so, customers are sent a notice that an ad is available for them to view.

To make money through Facebook paid advertising, businesses must then choose a specific group of customers to target with their ads. To do this, a business simply needs to find a list of target customers through their user profile information. By looking at the users’ interests and browsing history, advertisers can more accurately determine which groups of customers to advertise to. To further refine their targeting, a business can also look to see which types of products or services are selling best among these target groups. Then, the advertisement can be designed around these basic interests to ensure that it is most likely to reach out to customers that are interested in the product or service being advertised.