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Integration of gamification in to modern fitness world

10:20 30 minutes
Mendel Witzenhausen FunXtion International

Gamification and big data have disrupted the modern fitness world. What exactly is ”gamification”, how can it help you build a strong and fit community? Which big data can we use to develop the right innovations? Mendel has been leading the way to ensure lasting innovation at FunXtion. He explains in which way FunXtion uses big data and gamification and how FunXtion has become the market leader in offering interactive digital fitness.

Mendel Witzenhausen

Mendel Witzenhausen

FunXtion International

Mendel is a former Dutch football player who played for Ajax, VVV and HFC Haarlem. IN 2011 Mendel co-founded FunXtion, where they set out to change the global fitness landscape. FunXtion is now a leader in the digital fitness industry experiencing a rapid international growth which brings them closer to their goal of changing the global fitness landscape.

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