There are many people in the country who are suffering from dry eyes. While this may be seen as a simple eye problem by many people, it is quite serious, and can worsen with time if not dealt with effectively. Dry eyes occur when the eyes fail to secrete tears to lubricate the eye balls and wash off contaminants that may get into your eyes. The severity of the problem varies from person to person. In most cases, the eyes produce inadequate amounts of tears to lubricate the eyes. In the most severe cases, the eyes fail to produce any saliva. As a result, the surface of the eyes can get damaged due to excessive friction. Inflammation of the eyes is also a common sign and consequence of dry eyes.

Prevention and Cure of Dry Eyes

There’s a common saying that prevention is better than cure. You can only avoid getting dry eyes if you know the cause. Common causes include: vitamin A deficiency, dry air, eye allergies, tear gland malfunction, infrequent blinking associated with Parkinson’s and other illnesses. Please note that infrequent blinking when staring at computer screens at work or when using your phone can also cause dry eyes. If your work involves using your computer for long periods, you may be at risk of developing dry eyes.

Below are some tips to help you avoid or cure dry eyes:

i) Stop Smoking and Stay Away From Smoke

There are many sources of smoke, but smoking is a common culprit. If you are a smoker, quite smoking to avoid developing dry eyes. If you are always exposed to smoke at home or work, consider making a change to avoid exposure to the smoke, which may cause severe dry eyes.

ii) Take Breaks at Work

Staring at computer screens for long hours is a common cause of dry eyes, so taking short breaks at work can help. A break does not mean visiting social networking sites or online newspaper websites as you break away from your work. It means getting up from your seat, walking to the bathroom or interacting with colleagues face to face. Just move your eyes away from the computer monitor for a couple of minutes after every hour or so.

iii) Wear Protective Eyewear

High-speed winds and dry air can be avoided by wearing protective gear. Wraparound sunglasses can prevent dry winds from getting into your eyes and causing dry eyes.

iv) Use Bluelight Glasses

It is common knowledge that computers are a major cause of dry eyes. Since most people usually spend the whole day at work using computers and take laptops home with them, the use of bluelight glasses is highly recommended when using computers as this can help mitigate or prevent dry eyes. Computer screens normally emit blue light, which is to blame for dry eyes and related symptoms, such as loss of sleep, eye strain and headaches. Bluelight glasses can prevent these harmful rays from getting into your eyes, thereby resolving the problem.